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Prepare, ahead of time.  ICC will prepre your systems ahead of delivery and install them at your convience.  We will schedule with your end users and minimize their disruption by getting things ready even before we get there.

Warehousing and Redelivery

We can provide the logistics and staging for any deployment or relocation project. In addition to our warehousing and shipping abilities, we also have configuration centers capable of concurrently handling thousands of systems.  We can include installing and delivering hardware and accessories, customizing or deploying images, and migrating individual end-user data.


We can help you develop, maintain, and install your images. As your IT environment becomes 

more complex with new hardware, applications, and updates, we will work with you to free up your internal IT staff and reduce deployment costs.  We can also pre-image your hardware before it leaves our warehouses.

Asset Tagging

We can create asset tags and affix them to the new systems in the configuration process. Our ICC-ML system will track your asset from receipt to deployment and beyond. ICC-ML provides metrics and reporting to ensure an up-to-date view of all asset activity. 


For a more advance solution ICC can provide RFID tracking of all your assets as well.

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