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One of the core aspects of asset management is setting up new equipment while minimizing business or classroom disruption.  ICC has the tools not only to set up equipment quickly while minimizing disruption, but to also track and ensure your asset information is always available.  We strive to provide the best turn-key solution.

Fully working computers
delivered to your users:
ontime, everytime



We start with building an accurate inventory of your users' desktops, laptops, servers, peripheral devices, installed operating systems, and middleware and business applications. All data is managed in ICC-ML our Managed Logistics application.


Once accurate baseline data is available, ICC will help you develop a customized methodology for tracking and managing assets through each phase of the lifecycle. In the process, we integrate your IT management tools, strategic business applications and business processes with the optimized software tools and best practices we've developed while managing large-scale asset management programs for some of the largest companies in the world.


Let us manage your image, asset tagging, and etching along with other pre-deployment activities to get you straight to the finishline.


Then have all the information you need about your deployment projects, ontime, anytime with ICC-ML.  Providing the most advanced reports at your fingertips on-line or on the go.



Save time with pre-deployment preparation of custom images, applications and computer setups. Your systems are ready for use faster, upon delivery and installation minimizing stress on the workplace and learning space.

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